Happy Mother's Day

Gift ideas, must-haves and new boxes! Poilâne® invites you to discover its selection of delicious and tender gifts for your mother! 

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Mother's Day Gift Set - Sweetness

Pamper your mother!

This new Mother's Day box contains a number of delicious little gifts. The ideal surprise for your mother to enjoy a sentimental breakfast in bed.

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  The Poilâne® brioche and the tasty Christine Ferber jam will envelop her in sweetness.

The chocolate shortbread hearts will leave her feeling happy all day 😊

The 100% linen kitchen linen signed Poilâne® will adorn her breakfast table. Linen is also the ideal natural material for storing her favourite breads!

With notes of of rose, raspberry and lychee, the “Paris for Her” tea is the optimal accompaniment to our petite oatmeal biscuits.

Mother's Day Gift Set - Hearts

Say it with your heart!

Shower your mother in love with the new Poilâne® box filled with delicious heart goodies. Delicious, delicate, soft... Poilâne® hearts are ready to bring your mother the softness and comfort she deserves.

Mother's Day - The Essentials

For Mother's Day in the US, express all your love with these delicious gingerbread hearts. This sachet full of love will be the perfect attention to give to your beloved mummy.

For Mother's Day, offer your mother a pretty biscuit box filled with heart-shaped shortbread. A real case of love and tenderness that invites you to travel and offers dreams of all colours!

This pack of 2 large heart shaped biscuits "Yummy Mummy" and "Lovely Mummy" is the perfect gift to slip into the purse or under the pillow of your beloved mummy! 

Linen Bread Envelope

Treasure pouch, scarves, notebooks, photos, children's drawings, or bread bag to keep our iconic 1.9 kg wheat leaven loaf ... we offer you the Poilâne® Bread Envelope to celebrate Moms! And, for a gourmet wink, we offer a greeting card to chew and share: two marked shortbread hearts, one "LOVELY MUMMY", the other "YUMMY MUMMY".

Miche Poilane® Loaf With Message

Poilâne®’s decorated sourdough loaves (about 4.8lb or 2.3kg each) feature a handcrafted dough decoration. Ordering the Poilâne® Decorated Loaf with Inscription allows you to add a personalized message (25 characters maximum) with greetings, dates, names, etc.

Contact us now to order your gift: poilane@poilane.com

Baking is a women’s craft but became a man’s trade ...

Apollonia Poilane is inspired by unsung female heroes in the history of baking who have nourished generations of humans and passed down their knowledge to us.

“When I walk down in these walls, tucked just below the bakery, I feel all of the generation of women that have nurtured this craft. I’m inspired by what they have done, oftentimes overlooked to nurture a craft, a craft that feeds you, a craft that feeds families, and feeds a community. While baking may have become a men’s trade, women are the ones that baked originally.” - Apollonia Poilane. 

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