Farine devant four à bois


Artisanal bakery since 1932

Famille Apollonia et Lionel

Our Story

A family bakery

Founded in 1932 by baker Pierre Poilâne, Poilâne® has stood the test of time by preserving the best of the best.

3 generations, Pierre, Lionel, Apollonia have succeeded each other with the same exigence, to offer handmade breads,  sablés  and bakers pastries baked in wood-fired ovens. These are authentic, nourishing, and nutritious baked goods with a unique taste.

Boutique cherche midi

Our bakeries

5 stores in Paris and 1 in London

Located at 8 Rue du Cherche-Midi in the 6th  arrondissement  of Paris, the original Poilâne ® bakery, created in 1932, is the nerve center of the internationally renowned company.

It is by staying true to its original intention - to make high quality bread for everyone - and by combining  art de vivre , eating well and creativity, that Poilâne® has developed its offerings featuring its  savoir-faire  well beyond Saint-Germain-des-Prés, extending throughout France and all over the world.

Today, Poilâne® serves you all over the world thanks to a 24-hour shipping service and welcomes you in its 5 stores in Paris and London.

Miche chariot

Our products

Values and commitments

Made from ingredients selected for their quality, both in terms of respect for the environment but also for their taste and nutritional values, Poilâne® products remain faithful to baking traditions while also meeting Poilâne®’s standards for their composition and environmental impact. 

Convinced that the quality of a product is intrinsically dependent on the savoir-faire of the baker who makes it, Poilâne® baked goods are made by hand by our compagnons-boulangers who train for a minimum of nine months with an experienced master baker who is committed to transmitting the  savoir-faire necessary to accomplish their job. Learning the gestures, an understanding of the fermentation process and how to work the dough, the baking with wood fired oven, using all 5 senses as the best tools are amongst of the broad themes which comprise this training.

Notre histoire four à bois

Our approach

Cooking on a wood fire

All Poilâne® baked goods are baked in an oven heated by a wood fire. The refractory bricks that make up the oven allow for gentle cooking and a better development of the product's aromas.  

The wood used is reclaimed wood, untreated and very dry hardwood scraps, which are byproducts of the paper or furniture industry. Thus, our wood fired ovens are not harmful to the environment.


Natural Leaven

We use it in all our breads

Poilâne® breads are made using a slow sourdough fermentation process. This specific process creates breads to the Poilâne® loaf its unique characteristics: both gustatory and nutritional. The use of the natural leaven and the lactic fermentation is a choice that Poilâne® is proud to perpetuate since 1932. 

Punitions four

our requirements

The necessity for quality in the service of taste

The standards are the same for all our baked goods: breads - at the heart of our business - but also our brioches and  viennoiseries , as well as our baker’s pastries and our  sablés , are all made in our bakeries with the same artisanal care and the same philosophy: to privilege quality over quantity.