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Like all the breads made in our bakeries, Poilâne® nut bread is the result of a natural fermentation on leaven: our homemade leaven that has been passed on from batch to batch since 1932. Made with our wheat flour, wheat grown in France and stone-ground, and whole walnut kernels, Poilâne® nut bread is baked over a wood fire.

This round and gourmet bread weighs about 300g and is sliced a few hours after it comes out of the oven, to preserve its freshness and quality. Particularly rich in nuts (26%), it is the ideal companion to salads and cheeses. Bries, camemberts and vacherins will be enhanced by a few slices of this Poilâne® bakery specialty.

Available in sliced and unsliced versions.


The cereals used in our flours are grown in France, carefully selected from varieties recommended for milling and certified as free of pesticide residues during storage. Our grains are stone-ground in mills located in the region, Pays de la Loire, Hauts de France. Stone milling allows us to preserve the maximum of the grain's nutritional elements in the flour.