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The Poilâne® Rye and Grape Pavé is kneaded with 100% rye flour on a homemade wheat leaven. All our cereals are grown in France, the grains are crushed by stone millstone. Gourmet, the rye pavement contains 25% currants, small grapes with an intense flavor.

The Rye Pavement with Grapes is cooked over a wood fire. Accompany it with a blue cheese - it works wonderfully with Roquefort -, or spread it with a little butter, or simply eat it plain. Slipped into a school bag, a bicycle bag or a backpack, Poilâne® Rye with Grapes will satisfy all the small hungers and cravings for invigorating and gourmet breaks. Available in sliced version.


The cereals used in our flours are grown in France, carefully selected from varieties recommended for milling and certified as free of storage pesticide residues. Our grains are stone-ground in mills located in the Pays de la Loire and Hauts de France regions. Poilâne flours do not contain any additives or improvers and are not made from a mixture. Since 1932, all our breads have been made with home-made leavening.

The gluten content of rye flour, which is lower than that of other cereals, gives it a "softer" consistency, making it more difficult to make bread. Poilâne's know-how in transforming grains into breads, cookies and pastries has enabled us to develop a recipe for rye bread with balanced flavors, which is best appreciated in thin slices.