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Are they called like this because they are so good that once they come out of the oven of our bakeries, it is a real punishment to have to wait for them to cool down a bit before tasting them? who knows...

All the care and know-how of our Companions are devoted to them in any case so that they are delicious, and even irresistible we say! No additives, preservatives or coloring agents. Just eggs and fresh butter, flour and sugar. Baked over a wood fire. A lot of love for these delicious "Punitions®" that are a pleasure to share with the family, or to give as gifts. They can be served with ice cream, fruit salad or chocolate mousse, or as a sweet treat with tea or coffee.


The little butter shortbread are undoubtedly part of the history of the Poilâne house. It must be said that the Poilâne family is partly from Normandy, a region rich in butter and eggs, the main ingredients of the cookies.

It was Lionel Poilâne who officially named the little home-made shortbread "Punitions" (the name is registered) in memory of the ritual his great-grandmother had established. This grandmother, a little mischievous, used to ask her grandchildren to come and get their "punishment" when they came back from school. The little ones would come running, and the grandmother would open her hand on some delicious shortbread she had just made. In the memory of the Normans, we have never met a child who liked punishment so much!


After a gentle kneading - the recipe: wheat flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and nothing, absolutely nothing else - then a rest period, the Compagnons-Pâtissiers spread the shortbread dough, then cut it manually into lots of little jagged rounds. Like so many petals of silky blonde dough, they are then placed one by one, with great care, on a baking sheet. About ten minutes in the wood-fired oven at low heat is enough to serve these crisp and melting shortbread. There is no debate about the taste and color of Punitions®. Some people like our "light" shortbread, others prefer it golden, and still others crunch and fall for the "dark" shortbread, so dark that we bake some especially for them. Your pleasure is our pleasure!

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