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OUR BREAD KNIFE AT POILANE® IS A MUST IN EVERY KITCHEN! A good knife is indispensable to cutting bread properly, be it our signature sourdough loaf or our walnut, rye or corn breads! Our bread knife at Poilâne® slices easily through all types of breads, including bread with hard or soft crusts, Pullman loaves or brioche. To each his or her own! With its rounded serrations and a stainless steel blade that offers excellent grip on crust, our bread knife at Poilâne® will slice through any bread without flattening it. Its pared-down wooden handle offers a naturally ergonomic, comfortable grip. Use back-and-forth movements to slice into your favorite loaf. Our bread knife at Poilâne® has a 25-cm (10-in.) steel blade and a natural beech handle. It is available in righthanded and lefthanded versions and comes in a linen sleeve.