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Our breads are not organic. Only the flours used in the manufacture of corn bread are organic.

For the other breads, the flour we use is ground on a stone millstone and specially made for Poilâne, by our millers, for our needs from wheat selected for its properties. All our flours contain no additives or preservatives except for our wheat flour for buns.

Bread keeps better unsliced. Keep the bag in the bag or for optimal preservation wrap it in a linen cloth. Pay attention to temperature changes and air conditioning*.

Freezing is possible. For this it is imperative to wrap the bread in a sealed bag to avoid dehydration (otherwise the crust may come off). The bread can be kept up to three months in the freezer.

Our loaves and rye breads are made by hand (for the special breads we cannot say it because we use a divider, but we can say that they are shaped by hand).

The flour used is stone ground.

Our bread is made from leaven which gives it a slightly acidic taste.

Our breads are baked in wood-fired ovens;

All our bakers apply identical methods of manufacture but the bread being resulting from an artisanal work it is not completely identical from one batch to another.

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Delivery / Invoicing

Poilâne® delivers all of metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco.

Internationally, Poilâne® delivers to the following countries: Canada, United States, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom.

The brand / ethics

Our kraft paper bags are recyclable as well as our paper packaging for shipping your orders.

The plastic bags are not but are the most conclusive for a good conservation of our sliced products.