Gestuelle pain

Poilâne® companions

Compagnons passionnés

Our compagnons-boulangers

passionate ambassadors

Since its creation in 1932, Poilâne® has made it a point of honor to surround itself with bakers who are passionate about their trade.

Their names are Laurent, Marion, Karim, Céline, Serge, Nicolas, Jennifer... they joined the company 1 year, 25 years, 3 weeks, 30 years ago! Carrying the same company culture, each one is / or will become our best ambassador, proud of the image and the quality products they represent.


Savoir-faire passed on

from master baker to aspiring baker

The quality of our baked goods is intrinsically linked to the  savoir-faire  of the  compagnon-boulanger.  The aspiring baker apprenticeship is therefore crucial. Learning the gestures; the understanding of the fermentation process and the working the dough; baking in a wood-fired oven; the use of all 5 senses as the best tools: in short, the transmission of the Poilâne®  savoir-faire , will be done through an almost filial relationship between the apprentice master and his apprentice throughout 9 months of training. 

Becoming companions