Poilâne® Bread in Summer

Bread is a true daily companion, contributing to a complete and diversified diet throughout the year. Over the seasons, by combining grains and dishes, it awakens your taste buds and enhances your meals, from the simplest to the most refined, from autumn to summer!  

Don't forget bread, even when it's hot! From picnics to aperitifs, from lunch on the grass after a hike to dinner by the sea after a swim, breads and cereals remain your best allies, both for their energy intake and for their gustatory pleasure.

Our New Aperitif Boxes

It's time for an aperitif!  - Bring a gourmet touch to your aperitifs with the new "APERITIF-BOXES" designed by Poilâne around the star cereal of the summer: rye. Whether you are alone, with family or friends, our compositions will be your perfect summer companions!

Land, Sea, Veggie, savoury and sweet, there is something for every taste and every occasion!

Each bakery product has been made with all the care and know-how of Poilâne®.

Our teams have also found some delicious terrines and fine creams for you, for a happy and delicious marriage with Poilâne® specialities.

The Poilâne® Aperitif Boxes are available in 3 versions: Box-Land, Box-Sea, Box-Veggies.

Each box contains half a rye bread (about 450g), 3 mini biscuits box (rye, wheat and buckwheat flour), a tube of Petites Fourchettes (savoury biscuits) and a packet of Poilâne® bread chips (rye bread chips with raisins and wheat bread chips with nuts).

To complete your aperitif set, Poilâne® has carefully selected delicious "SUPER PRODUCER" terrines and fine creams.  They will go perfectly with the specialities of our bakery!

Price of each box : 49€ TTC

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Organic Pork Rillettes with Black Pepper - 85gr - SUPER PRODUCER :

The rillettes are cooked in the Landes, 100km from the farm and made from organic pigs from the Landes (64) and the Hautes-Pyrénées (65). They are not very fatty and are hand-pulled to keep the best pieces and seasoned simpley with Guérande salt and black pepper.


Lovers of the Land, surprise your taste buds and your guests with these delicious jars of duck and pork.

Muscovy Duck Rillettes - 85g - SUPER PRODUCER:

The rillettes are cooked at same location where the Barbary Ducks are raised in Normandy. The meat is then shredded into pieces with little fat in order to highlight the tasty and melting meat of this special breed, nicknamed the Rolls of the ducks.


Vegetarian, Vegan, Veggies lovers..., surprise your taste buds and your guests with these delectable Chickpea and Artichoke Fine Cream.

Organic Fine Chickpea Cream with Lemon and Cumin - 100g - SUPER PRODUCER

Organically grown, processed, and cooked in Haute-Provence, this recipe of hummus without garlic is light. It is emulsified with a black fruity olive oil from Provence and well seasoned with cumin and white pepper.

Organic Fine Cream of Artichoke - 100g - SUPER PRODUCER

Cooked with artichoke bottoms and the tender heart of this delicious summer vegetable, it has small melt-in-the-mouth pieces with a fine, subtle taste and very sweet hazelnut notes that linger in the mouth.


Lovers of local produce, surprise your taste buds and your guests with these delicious crab and mackerel rillettes.

Potted Crab - 85g - SUPER PRODUCER

Cooked 80km from the Auction by the Breton craftsman Julien, these Rillettes reveal all the flavour and texture of the delicious crab meat without having to shell the little traps of the shellfish... The Rillettes de Tourteaux will amaze you with their delicacy and flavor.

Potted Mackerel with Organic Mustard - 90g - SUPER PRODUCER

Cooked 80 km from the fish markets by the producer Julien, in Finistère (29), these rillettes are made from mackerel caught in the middle of the season. They are shredded by hand in order to keep the best pieces. Enhanced by organic mustard and softened by a touch of organic fresh cream, they have an distinct flavor profile!




For a picnic, an impromptu aperitif, a lunch on the grass or just to satisfy a need to get away from it all, our boxes will delight your taste buds with ease!

Available now in our iconic boutique at 8 rue du Cherche-Midi and on our website shop.poilane.com*.

* Delivery possible anywhere in France and abroad. Also available in Click & Collect to be picked up in our shop 8 rue du Cherche-Midi - 75006 Paris

Rye Bread: Your Summer Bread!

Discover or rediscover rye bread and enjoy it all summer long!  

In summer, when the weather is hot, we sometimes eat less, but we often move around more. Well chosen breads and cereals are an excellent source of energy to help you enjoy swimming, hiking, beach volleyball, tennis and cycling in the summer

Rye is a low-fat, low-sugar cereal and a source of dietary fibre that deserves to be on the menu this summer.  The soft, slightly moist crumb of rye bread gives it a "refreshing" effect that is even better when it is sliced very thinly. A slice of rye bread, a few crunchy radishes, a fresh goat's cheese from the market - summer is here!



The Rye Bread Poilâne® is a 900g sourdough bread, made from 100% stone-ground rye flour, on the home-made wheat leaven. Choose thin slices, to accompany a few oysters, a crunchy seasonal vegetable, a fresh goat cheese...



A 600g loaf made from rye flour on a wheat leaven and 23% currants. No additives and no preservatives. Slip a few slices of our rye bread with raisins into your backpack for a naturally energizing and delicious snack.



Poilâne® bread chips are delicious crackers, made from our emblematic breads, thinly sliced and toasted in our ovens. No additives and no preservatives. Light and crispy, to be enjoyed plain as an aperitif or with a fish rillette or fresh vegetable dips.

Cereals in Abundance!

For 18 years at the head of the family bakery, Apollonia Poilâne has been asserting her definition of the bakery profession: the transformation of cereals through fermentation, for breads with unique tastes, rich in nutrients and healthy.

Launched on 21 June, the first day of summer, the new design of the Poilâne bakery's kraft paper loaf bag puts nourishing cereals in the spotlight.

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