by Apollonia Poilâne

Poilâne: The Secrets of the World Famous Bread Bakery

To food lovers the world over, a trip to Paris is not complete without a visit to Poilâne. Ina Garten raves about the bread’s “extraordinary quality.” Martha Stewart says the P in Poilâne stands for “perfect.”

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What they're saying:

“In many ways, the good bread we have now in the United States exists thanks to Poilâne. Poilâne bakery and the Poilâne family have revolutionized the way we think about bread, and it is deeply important that we preserve and learn from their legacy.” —Alice Waters, from the foreword

“It was among these that I found my latest inductee into the pantheon of great shortbread cookies, Punitions’ first cousins, corn sablés.” – Dorie Greenspan, NY Times

“This New, Surprisingly Delicious Avocado Toast Will Confuse You (in the Best Way)” – Food52, Genius Recipes

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Apollonia Poilâne

It tells the story of how Apollonia Poilâne, the third-generation baker and owner, took over the global business at age eighteen and steered it into the future as a Harvard University freshman after her parents were killed in a helicopter crash.

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For the first time

Poilâne provides detailed instructions so bakers can reproduce its unique “hug-sized” sourdough loaves at home, as well as the bakery’s other much-loved breads and pastries.

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"Bread Cooking"

In recipes that use bread as an ingredient, she shows how to make the most from a loaf, from crust to crumb.

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Explorations of Grains and Dreams

In still other dishes, she explores the world of grains: rice, corn, barley, oats, and millet. From sunup to sundown, Poilâne traces the hours in a baker’s day, blending narrative, recipes, and Apollonia’s philosophy of bread.

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