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THE BAKER'S LAME Whether you are a connoisseur or a young amateur, Poilâne® introduces you to the baker's essential accessory: THE LAME! To cut your bread or decorate your baked goods. The UFO Bread Journey version features an engraving designed by Anna Gabur, whose way of marking bread is admired worldwide. Anna's creations are inspired by both local methods and Moldovan traditions. UFOs are made in her family's small store in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. In addition to being fair trade and eco-friendly, Wire Monkey donates a portion of its revenue to bakery communities. Here are some of the benefits of the Wire Monkey: - Ultimate fine control over scoring. - Ambidextrous design. - Blade stores easily inside for safety. - No nuts to catch on the dough. - No more lost blades. A double-edged, platinum-coated Astra razor blade is included; it is wrapped in paper inside the blade when you receive it. Please be careful when handling. Dimensions: 46mm diameter / 6.35mm thick. Materials: This UFO is made of solid American black walnut and stainless steel.