A Poilâne "pique-nique

à la française"

in London

Apollonia Poilâne invites you to experience her selection of edible delights from some of her favourite local partners to share with our London community.

With a wink to her Parisian roots, the pique-nique for two will be presented in a chic, reusable woven net  ‘filet’ - a French shopping bag -  synonymous with the farmers markets and grocery stores of Paris.


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French savoir-faire with a

British flair


Poilâne Signature:

  • Selection of sourdough breads
  • 2 apple tartlets
  • Our iconic Punitions® sablés

To carry everything:

  • A reusable woven net "filet" market shopping bag made in France

Apollonia Poilâne's curated selection of:

  • Smoked salmon by Smokin Brothers
  • Selection of charcuterie by Marsh Pig
  • Cheese platter by Beillevaire
  • Pear, date & ale chutney by England Preserves
  • Kefir beverage– as a wink to all things fermentation - by Fermentary
  • Chocolate snack bar by William Curley

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"Picnics in my family were synonymous with joyous moments al fresco; with simple ingredients and tools to seize the day. We would scavenger for seasonal (and local) foods and drinks to compliment our breads and pastries. Our filet shopping bags filled, we would roll-out our treasures in the first park, wood, or scene that would create a delicious moment."

Merci for your trust in letting me choose some of our favorite French and local London producers for your own pique-nique à la Poilâne. I think you’ll agree that our filet bag is a stylish touch to complement these hand-crafted and produced delights that resonate our ethos. All together, I trust our pique-nique will nourish your own special shared moments together.

-Apollonia Poilâne

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