About us

Apollonia Poilâne, 3rd generation

Bread, a passion from grandfather to granddaughter

I guess you could say I was born from bread. My father was a baker, and the son of a baker, and my mother was a designer. My crib was a breadbasket transformed into a baby’s bed. Around age 5 I started to understand what a marvelous product bread is, and to look forward to it shaping my future. The odor and the taste became a part of me, and my passion has only grown through my apprenticeships in the bakehouse and since I took over the family bakery at the end of 2002. I am proud to embody the third generation of Poilane bakers. 

Baker, a profession that engages all the senses

My favorite place is the bakehouse, a simple and quiet place where the heat of the oven envelops you. I like to see and perform the baking gestures, it's like a coordinated ballet, and to smell the yeast, touch the kneaded dough... I like the flame that heats the sleepy oven, and the taste of baked bread. One uses the five senses, which perhaps explains the fulfilling feeling one has after having finished baking the batch. 

Quality sourdough bread quality that is good for you and keeps well

I define my jobs as the transformation of grain through the fermentation process into quality bread that provides nourishment. Wheat stored without pesticides, the gentle millstone that creates flour with preserved nutrients, the slow and natural fermentation of yeast, an oven heated with recycled wood. Today, consumers are rightfully demanding high quality breads - insisting on the excellence of their food - and they take pleasure in eating it and conserving it several days. Bread, not a crumb should be wasted.

Poilâne moving forward

Since I have taken over the company, we have opened 4 new boutiques: in Paris, London and Antwerp, and created a dozen new products (pepper bread, buns, gingerbread, bread chips, biscottes...). 


Apollonia Poilâne