Poilâne® Sourdough Loaf


The Poilâne ® signature loaf is made of 4 ingredients: sourdough, stone-ground wheat flour, water, and sea salt from Guérande. It is a round loaf with a thick, golden crust as it is cooked in our traditional wood-fired ovens. Each loaf carries the signature “P” ® of Poilâne ®.

Well-suited with meats and soft cheeses, as well as delicacies such as foie gras or salmon. The size of the slices makes it a good bread for sandwiches.

Each Poilâne®  loaf weighs about 4lbs or 1.9kg (weight may vary as each loaf is handcrafted).

Rye Bread


Poilâne ®’s Rye bread is a small loaf made with a mix of rye and wheat flour and our natural sourdough starter. Each handmade loaf weighs approximately 2lbs or 900g.

We recommend trying it with oysters, seafood, fish, or smoked meats.

Walnut Bread


Poilâne® Walnut Bread is a sourdough loaf made with wheat flour and whole walnut kernels. It is cooked in our traditional wood-fired stone ovens.

It pairs perfectly with Brie, Camembert, or Vacherin cheeses. Try it also in desserts such as the “Charlotte,” where the walnuts compliment pears, strawberries, or chocolate.

Rye-Raisin Bread


The Poilâne ® Rye-Raisin bread is made from rye flour, our natural sourdough starter, and Corinthe raisins (also known as currants). Each handmade loaf weighs approximately 600gr.

Enjoy with a blue cheese, or simply with butter or jam.

Pepper Bread


Poilâne®’s Pepper Bread is a sourdough bread with a fine crust and soft inside, containing a subtle mixture of five peppers. It is cooked to perfection in our wood-fired ovens.

Sandwich Bread


Featuring a fine and golden crust, as well as a dense and delicious interior, Poilâne ®’s wheat sandwich bread is perfect for packed lunches. Baked in a closed cast in our wood-fired ovens.

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