Bienvenue dans notre Boulangerie en ligne. Welcome in our online bakery.
Découvrez l'univers de la boulangerie Poilâne, poussez la porte de notre boutique vituelle et régalez vous de nos pains, biscuits et viennoiseries.
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Bakery goods

What Can You Find in a Poilâne Bakery?

Come and take a look at our bakeries here and discover our different types of bread, our Viennese pastries and our ‘Punitions’ and spoon biscuits. Not to mention our jams, sweets, French toasts and gingerbread. We also have a range of accessories designed to compliment our products, such as bread bins and bread knives.

Available online on our Site (shipping not included) :

Poilâne® Bread box

Price : 199.50€

The Poilâne ® Bread box is made out of only the best materials – wood, glass and linen and covered by a piece of embroidered linen which can be removed and washed and whose natural properties help the bread to keep for longer. The slot in the box’s glass walls helps guide the blade of the knife to ensure that each slice is of a regular width. Lionel Poilâne intended this bread box to suit small or open-plan kitchens and designed it to store, cut and display anything up to a half loaf. L 46.5cm X D 16cm X 20cm

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Bread knife

Price : 48€

The PoilâneBread Knife is available in left and right handed versions.
To slice our loaves, you need a good knife. Our bread knife is serrated with rounded teeth to give it a better grip on the crust.
25cm long steel blade, natural beechwood handle, shipped its linen bag.

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Poilâne ® linen bag

Price : 32€

The Poilâne ® Linen Bag is designed to store one or two Poilâne ® loaves of bread. The natural qualities of the linen also mean that the bread keeps longer. The grey fabric is machine washable.

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Poilâne ® Cushion

Price : 30.10€

A Poilâne ® loaf shaped pillow (30cm diameter). Filed with polypropylen and wrapped in polyester fabric (Dry cleaning recommended).  
Will not go stale !

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Wicker basket

Price : 51.30€

We use these baskets to proof the dough before baking.

You can use it as a presentation basket or to bake your own bread.

25 cm in Diameter, H 9 cm.

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Wooden bread bin

Price : 37€

The Poilâne Bread bin is made out of wood. It can be used as a presentation bread basket or even to help you cook your own homemade bread. Make sure you flour the bin or line it with a cloth).
Size : L 33 cm, H 7,5 cm, l 14,5 cm

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Gift Voucher

Price : 1€

Make a nice gift !

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Pocket Bread Knife

Price : 65.25€

This new pocket knife, created for Poilâne, is perfect for picnics. Its specially conceived tempered steel blade in the shape of a thumb has three uses: Cutting breads with the wide serrated side, cutting meats and vegetables with the finely serrated side, and spreading your preparations with the rounded tip.

Its thin and light design completes its versatile uses:12.5cm - less than 5 inches closed. Weight: 68g - 2.4oz. The pearwood handle is engraved with P for Poilane. Soft Leather sheath.

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2 French breakfast bowls, salt glazed stoneware

Price : 69.25€

2 Bowls in salt glazed stoneware fabricated by hand and signed by the artists Kinga & Anatoly Stolnikoff for Poilâne. A specifically European technique, mastered more than four centuries ago but rarely seen nowadays, salt glazed stoneware is fired at 1200 °C (2192 °F). Salt is poured into the kiln through a small hole in the top. Vaporized into a cloud by the extreme heat, the salt is deposited on the ceramic pieces in a more or less regular fashion. Each bowl is hand-made and unique so the height or shape of each bowl can vary slightly. The bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe and oven-proof. Please don’t, however, expose them to a direct flame.

Holds 80cl. Perfect for serviing breakfast tea, afternoon hot chocolate, or a bowl of soup.

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Bread Envelope

Price : 85€

Sized to hold a full loaf, the Bread Envelope features a lace eyelet for closure, which adjusts to the size of the contents. The flexible cotton fabric and natural linen protects the bread while allowing it to breathe. Dimensions: 38x40cm. Materials: 63% cotton, 37%  linen. Eyelets and lace: leather. During the holidays, we are offering free personalization of your bag! Up to 3 letters or numbers can be printed. Please choose a letter size (large or small) and a color (black, navy, pink). If you choose the personalization of your bag, a delay of at least one week must been allowed before delivery.

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