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Conservation & use

Are You Getting the Most out of Poilâne Breads?


What’s the best way to keep our breads?

In a dry place in their original packaging. Our bags are designed to strike the balance between too much and not enough air. You can also wrap our breads in a cloth, preferably linen. A bread box, designed by Lionel Poilâne, to keep, cut and display our breads can be found online and in our shops.

How long does our bread keep for?

sliced bread dries faster
Poilâne Loaf
About 5 days after baking.
After that, we advise to toast it.
Rye flour bread About 5 days after baking.
Walnut bread About 2 to 3 days after baking.
Raye and raisin bread About 2 to 3 days after baking.
Punitions® About 15 days after baking.
Decorated loaf About 5 days starting from manufacturing date. After that, we advise to toast it.
Make sure your remove the decoration before cutting the bread.

Can you freeze Poilâne breads ?

Yes. Place the breads in freezer-proof bags. You can freeze halves and quarters of our sourdough loaves. The larger the piece, the better. Try to remove as much air as possible from the bag. Freeze for up to 3 months. Defrost at room temperature.


How to use Poilâne breads ?

How to use
Poilâne Loaf
Fresh : with pork butcher's shop and delicatessen, cheese or rustic dishes.
Toasted : with foie gras, smoked salmon, meat or with honey and butter. For sandwiches or as tartines (sliced bread) with a lot of ingredients.
Rye flour bread

Recommended with fishes, seafood and smoked delicatessen.

Walnut bread Goes well with cheese (brie, camembert) and with salads.
Rye and raisin bread

Recommended with blue cheese, butter or jam for a snack.

Punitions® To serve with tea or coffee.
Perfect with a dessert, ice cream or a fruit salad.
Decorated loaf

The decorated bread can be eaten as a regular loaf - remove the decoration before slicing. You can also keep the bread as a souvenir. Make sure you keep it in a dry place.

I am allergic . Are there allergenes in Poilâne bakery goods ?

There is gluten and there is a possibility that traces of walnuts can be found in all Poilâne bakery goods.
Walnut bread contains gluten and walnut pieces.

When should you cut the bread ?

As you need it. Sliced bread will dry faster.

What kind of knife should you use to cut the bread?

A serrated knife with rounded teeth to get a better grip on the bread’s crust.

What is the correct thickness of the slices?

It’s really up to you but a finger’s width (1cm) is a happy medium for most loaves. For walnut and currant raisin breads, half a finger's width (5mm) is best.

How should you toast a Poilâne loaf?

Use bread that is a few days old as fresh or warm bread is difficult to toast. Toast the bread – only on one side – at the very last moment to ensure that  crumb stays soft. Once toasted, you can keep the slices warm by putting them in a cotton or linen cloth.

How do you toast the bread equally in a traditional toaster?

Insert two slices back to back in the toaster.